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You are right where you’re supposed to be right now – everything that has happened in your life has led up to this moment. Whether the circumstances you find yourself in now feel like a challenge or an opportunity everything is as it should be.

What if we were to experiment with letting go of trying to control everything? What if we took the view that the outcome is none of your business? What if all you concern yourself with is doing all you can to honour the moment. This moment.

I’ve been trying too hard these past few months. A feeling that there’s something new for me to explore, something more for me to be doing and trying so very hard to figure it out and KNOW what it is and how I’ll get there.

It’s been trying for me to ‘just’ sit with it and let the path open up but having had such a transformation in career the past ten years, I’ve learned that when you let it be, the way becomes clear quite organically.

Yesterday saw two massive opportunities opened up for me, the fires are stoked and the path is clear once again!

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