Throughout the whole process we had worked as a team, using the different tactics we’d learnt through Kat’s hypnobirthing course to stay relaxed and in control, listening to what my body needed and consciously enjoying the experience.

By Kat | February 17, 2020

After a happy Zwischen of long walks, batch cooking and listening to Kat’s affirmations, my surges began late on Saturday night. Over the next four nights and three days, we were at home, taking each…

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My story isn’t the version of hypnobirthing that we saw in the videos…

By Kat | November 9, 2019

Dear Kat, At an absolute low point last night when I had been cluster feeding for four hours, and was beside myself at ‘my inability’ to produce enough milk to get my son to sleep,…

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“We are so grateful to Kat for giving us the tools to remain calm and confidence to have our daughter at home.”

By Kat | October 20, 2019

Initially I wanted to give birth in a birth centre but the more I read about hospitals / the medicalisation of birth the more uneasy I became. I read a bit about home birthing and…

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A birth from both mum and dad’s perspectives…

By Kat | October 11, 2019

We did the Hyponobirthing course back in February (wow! I had to look that up, can’t believe it was so long ago) and we had a very healthy big baby boy on 8th June!! Not only…

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“None of the changes to the plan phased me and I think that is a credit to the groundedness you helped instill.”

By Kat | September 7, 2019

A big belated thank you for your advice on sweeps. Freya was born on the full moon of Tuesday 16th (3.825kg, 53cm). Though 12 days past her due date she zoomed out when she decided…

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“I feel my birth story was a huge initiation into motherhood, with inevitable obstacles and gates I had to pass through along the way. “

By Kat | September 7, 2019

Our beautiful son, a little Leo, was born Friday 9th August at 6:28pm in a thunderstorm at 39 weeks. He came to earth like a lightning bolt!  It was a wildly magical cosmic experience –…

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“Birthing him was such a magical experience”

By Kat | August 24, 2018
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“hypnobirthing helped me stay relaxed and in tune with my body for the delivery of my wonderful baby”

By Kat | August 2, 2018

Dear Kat, I hope you are well. Just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know that my baby boy showed up a little earlier than expected, exactly a week ago today…

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“Tell them that they really can choose their own experience – no matter what happens around them”

By Kat | June 13, 2018

Hi Kat, Just to let you know that we won’t be able to attend the class tomorrow night as baby had other ideas! He was born at 10pm in Friday June 8th. He’s small at…

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“It was truly the best birth we could have hoped for, and scooping our son out of the water, into my arms, was a remarkable experience.“

By Kat | March 25, 2018

Dear Kat,We were surprised by the early arrival of a baby boy on 4 March – born at 38 weeks and 2 days, and weighing in at 7lb.He was born into the water at the…

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“Thanks to hypnobirthing, we were able to go with the flow and confidently make new decisions as we went along.”

By Kat | February 27, 2018

Hey Kat! THANK YOU! Our baby boy decide to break my waters five weeks early, and I ended up being induced at UCLH after experiencing zilch contractions for a good few days afterwards. (The original…

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“Doing hypnobirthing changed our feelings about birth, giving us confidence, excitement and strength we otherwise wouldn’t have had.”

By Kat | November 29, 2017

It was so great to see one of “my” dads float in to the hypnobirthing class this week having been for dinner with his sister (I recently taught her hypnobirthing too!) the night before. She managed…

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“the experience was animal and amazing – I went into my own little zone and my body took over.”

By Kat | October 12, 2017

Dear Kat, Noah Bruno was born on 30 September 2017 at 00.50.  He’s happy, healthy and feeding well. We cannot thank you enough for all your help – which made such an enormous difference both…

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“the mindset and the focus we were taught was all we needed to get through the most intense bodily experience (and amazing, and cool and out of this world) 2 hours and 48 min of my life.”

By Kat | September 27, 2017

Hi Kat, Hope you are well! I thought I’d appropriately enough share our birth story with you on what would have been our due date. We now have a son, whom we’ve named Leo, who…

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“I do believe that because I stayed calm so did the baby!”

By Kat | September 25, 2017

We ended up just a few days overdue. Ford Charles born Aug 13th weighing 6lbs13. I had a bit of a stop/start labour. I went into labour naturally on the 11th but it stopped around…

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“I am fascinated by how everything worked out and how hypnobirthing techniques and philosophy actually work and why traditional birthing doesn’t!”

By Kat | July 25, 2017

I’m extremely happy that we joined your class and so is Vladimir who kept calling me a ‘hero’ – hahaha. If you want, I can try typing up our birth story: first half = how…

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“I’d wholeheartedly recommend hypnobirthing to all pregnant women and their partners, no matter what sort of labour you have”

By Kat | June 21, 2017

Throughout my pregnancy I was fortunate enough to feel fit and well. I practiced yoga at Hackney Forge, a lovely little studio by Victoria Park, and swam lots in the Olympic pool, even more so…

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After 27 hours and no sleep the night before, everyone was commenting with surprise how normal I looked straight after labour. I just kept saying it’s because this is normal and I feel amazing!

By Kat | May 2, 2017

Hi Kat, Just wanted to drop you a note to say our baby arrived yesterday (40+6)! I have so much to thank you for and know that so many of the learnings from your course…

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“All in all an amazing experience.”

By Kat | October 29, 2016

Hi all, Hope this finds you and your babies/bumps well! David and I welcomed our daughter Artemis into the world last week, we are totally delighted with her. She arrived just into the 43rd week,…

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“the attending medical student cried and thanked us for the experience!”

By Kat | October 17, 2016

Hi Kat and everyone, Hope you are all well. We have found our oxytocin hit-we are completely and totally loved up. I birthed Leo yesterday at 12.28 in a pool with gas and air, he…

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“I had a birth that I remained completely in control of and I didn’t need any pain relief at all.”

By Kat | October 3, 2016

Klaas and I just wanted to let you know that baby Theodore arrived 8 days early on 13th Sept. After a successful ECV to turn him in the right direction, my labour began at home…

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“we both felt really prepared and relaxed for the journey and when things started we were excited and not scared at all.”

By Kat | September 30, 2016

Thank you so much to Rich and Rebecca for sharing their amazing first birth story with us. Although it was an unplanned ‘free birth’ Rebecca is keen that it doesn’t “scare any home birthers into NOT having…

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“One more roar, and I felt the baby slither out”

By Kat | September 28, 2016

Massive thanks to Chi for such an open, honest and frank account of birthing her first child at home earlier this month…. I’m reminded again of the gratitude I feel to you all for sharing your…

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“the birth went really well and was only 9 hours from my first contraction to him coming out and meeting the world!”

By Kat | September 5, 2016

Malachy Wise was born on 30th July fit & heathy. We’re in love !! Overall the birth went really well and was only 9 hours from my first contraction to him coming out and meeting…

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“Great news is that Evelyn arrived in the world exactly as we’d hoped, she did everything right”

By Kat | June 29, 2016

We are delighted to introduce baby Evelyn to you, who was born on Sunday evening. The hypnobirthing practice was worth it’s weight in gold so massive thanks to Kat for that! We had a natural…

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“all the midwives were very impressed that I seemed to know just what to do”

By Kat | June 23, 2016

An inspiring birth story highlighting how thorough preparation helps both mum and dad recognise signs and phases of labour so they engage with birth confidently and calmly. Thank you for sharing with us Catriona and…

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By Kat | May 4, 2016

Hi Hypno Team, Here’s Reggie, our beautiful baby boy who decided to come last Tuesday. And we couldn’t have done it without Sunday nights with you wonderful lot. When Amy woke up in the morning…

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“We had a great birth experience thanks in large part to you hypnobirthing class.  We really enjoyed the class and will gladly recommend it to friends.”

By Kat | May 4, 2016

Hi Kat, Michael and I were very pleased to meet our son, David Finsbury, on April 25.   Below is our story! All the best, Zoe, Michael and David I awoke at 2am on April…

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“It was incredible and she came out as the sun rose in the front of the fire in our living room. More than I could have hoped for.”

By Kat | February 8, 2016

Hi Katrina,You provided some private ‘last minute’ hypnobirthing sessions for myself and partner Paulo back in November & I just wanted to let you know that our beautiful daughter was born on her due date…

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“After a very tough first stage I suddenly felt full of energy and confidence for the second stage”

By Kat | November 28, 2015

Tilda Nell arrived on July 10th after a long labour. She had been ready to come for some time prior to this; around two weeks before labour started my midwife was amazed how low she…

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“A huge thank you for all your advice and support which helped us achieve the birth we really wanted.”

By Kat | November 10, 2015

Alex and I just wanted to let you know that Indigo Rose arrived safely on Sunday 1st at 10am 🙂 She is gorgeous and we are absolutely besotted. My waters broke just before midnight and…

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“The hypnobirthing course made a huge difference for us.”

By Kat | October 14, 2015

Our little girl, Zara, is now 7 weeks old, so everything is still very new for us.  The hypnobirthing course made a huge difference for us. We planned to have a home birth (which i dont…

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By Kat | October 9, 2015

I’ve been meaning to write for months to introduce you to our little Wren, born at 3am on 27 June (photo attached). I can’t believe she is already 14 weeks old. Time really does fly.…

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“I can honestly say I loved every moment.”

By Kat | September 21, 2015

Welcome to the world Rupert Sebastian, born 31.08.15 at 12.45, 10.3lbs!!!! Born naturally with a few breaths of gas and air right at the very end of the 2nd stage.  I can honestly say I…

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“I had my drug free water birth and it was amazing.”

By Kat | August 25, 2015

“I signed us up for Kat’s classes after reading her fantastic book ’Why Hypnobirthing Matters’ as I enjoyed her down to earth but inspiring point of view in terms of childbirth. The Wednesday evenings were…

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“It was more intense than I could have imagined but, I felt confident and informed and in control.”

By Kat | July 13, 2015

I would like to introduce you to Iris Kathleen – born 25th June. Time has been flying by these past couple of weeks. Tom and I couldn’t be more in love with her. The labor…

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