“Your techniques aided with allowing me to birth in as much comfort as possible, despite both times labour being unexpected and in otherwise less than ideal surroundings.”

By Kat | April 23, 2016

Hi Kat, We wanted to let you know that on 20th April, at 36+2 weeks, we welcomed Annabel May Latham Antos-Lewis into the world! Late Tuesday night, my waters released, and so having arranged for…

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“I ended up giving birth at home, unplanned and unassisted!!”

By Kat | April 19, 2016

Hi Katrina, Hope all is well. Just wanted to let you know about the safe and healthy arrival of our baby boy on Friday afternoon, April 15. Mainly, I wanted to thank you for the…

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By Kat | April 6, 2016


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By Kat | April 5, 2016

I’ve been very good about limiting calls and tech use but I ❤️ receiving texts like this whilst I’m away!

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