I felt confident and calm enough to go nearly all the way naturally, and till the last moment my body did just what it was meant to!

By Kat | May 29, 2014

Dear Kat, I wanted to email to let you know that our baby arrived last Friday 23rd May – bang on due date amazingly! He is absolutely gorgeous, called Wilfred Charles Hallawell Gould and weighed…

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“hypnobirthing worked wonders!”

By Kat | May 23, 2014

Sonny was born born just after 3pm, weighing just under 8lbs. Nico, Sonny and I are all fine – we just keep on staring at the wee man, and are still a bit giddy with the excitement…

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By Kat | May 1, 2014

I’m always inspired when a group of likeminded people get together to discuss a subject they’re passionate about so when over a hundred wise and interesting women get together to support AIMS and discuss induction…

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