Dear Kat, I wanted to email to let you know that our baby arrived last Friday 23rd May – bang on due date amazingly!

He is absolutely gorgeous, called Wilfred Charles Hallawell Gould and weighed a healthy 8lbs2 on arrival:)

Thank you so much for all your help and advice. Wilfred’s birth was a bit mixed with some lovely and some less lovely elements….. I went into labour Wednesday 21st eve at 7ish with immediately quite regular surges about 3-5 mins apart. When these got to 1-2 mins apart at 2am ish, we headed in to hospital, but I was only 1cm so was sent home. Went another 8 hours still at about 1-3 min surges, with breathing, baths, and your music tracks easily seeing me through, felt very calm, then we went back in when surges were constantly 1min or less apart and coming much stronger- this was thursday late morning, but was still only 4cm and was sent home again!! Shows just how patient you need to be! 

By Thursday night I felt like I was absolutely ready to go, loads of pressure and urges to bear down and surges on top of each other. Went back in and they took me into lovely birth centre room but amazingly was only 5cm dilated! I didn’t realise how thick and fast the surges could come without being very dilated! Some time early hours of Thursday morn my membranes broke in the bath, and I whizzed to 8cm and then by 5am-ish was really ready to bear down, which I started doing. So basically with no pain relief, sweep, augmentation etc I got all the way there and was feeling very pleased and strong. But it had been 36 hours and I was physically exhausted.

I actively bore down in bath and on birth stool for over an hour , he started moving down but then they realised he had a kaput (small swelling on head?) which was much softer than rest of head and was not firm enough to push through cervix, at least not with my exhausted pushes not being what they needed to be. I think they suddenly thought that this is not going to happen, and I had reached the end of my energy, so we were rather suddenly but with our agreement whisked into delivery for forceps. With no pain relief this was extremely painful but he was out in one push/pull. 

Not the birth ending we were hoping for but definitely the result: Wilfred is gorgeous! 

Thanks so much for everything- I felt confident and calm enough to go nearly all the way naturally, and till the last moment my body did just what it was meant to! 

All the best to you and the others from class, maybe see you at Born one day soon?! 

Jessamy, Matt and Wilfred xx

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