Well, she finally arrived (@43 weeks) last Thursday afternoon by C-section, after what felt like a 3 week period of never-ending negotiations with the Whittington! They’d been keen to induce since 40+4, but when they realised we were serious about waiting it out (and after I’d made a complaint about a couple of pushy registrars) our consultant finally got on board with our plans and they all backed off a bit.
We went in for monitoring every day and there was never a hint of danger to the baby – I felt fine, she was clearly wriggling about happily, and I suspect she would have been ok for a little while longer. Debbie at AIMS was just amazing, as was your friend Sue – I really would have crumbled sooner without their support. 
And I listened to my affirmations and various scripts every day – unfortunately my Dad died the Friday before she came, and I have a feeling my body shut down a little bit – it was quite hard to relax and let go in the face of everything, and I spent a lot of time wondering whether I was doing the right thing (even though deep down I knew I was).
Eventually, when an internal scan showed my cervix was still long and tight I felt it would be easier to just go with it – fighting everyone off was getting too exhausting. They also estimated she could be between 10 and 11.5 pounds (she was 8.13 in the end) and that it would be near impossible to get her out – and that induction would almost certainly fail. I do wonder what might have happened if I’d have stuck it out for a tiny bit longer but family were starting to get twitchy, and even Ali was feeling concerned by then.
So we took the calmer option of a planned c-section that afternoon (which felt instinctively the better route than induction) and were able to control proceedings a little (dimmed lights, no talking, our music playing, slightly delayed cord cutting, skin to skin as long as possible etc).
Anyway, she’s beautiful and healthy, no flaky skin or meconium in the water. Now it’s all over I realise how difficult the three week period was – how hard it was to shut my brain off, and how consuming it all was, but I’m proud of what we did and think it was all for the best – she was fighting fit when she came out and is a calm and serene baby – and feeding very well indeed.
Hypnobirthing was an enormous help in so many ways – and fun, too!
Here are a few photos – thank you SO much for everything.
x Alex, Ali & Baby (name tbc!)

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