“things were so intense and fast, but curiously I started to sing a series of long notes”

By Kat | July 24, 2018

Hi Kat, Sorry this has taken so long to write, I wanted to make sure I could do it justice and having three kids doesn’t really allow for much down time! This is so long…

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The lost art of waiting…

By Kat | July 21, 2018

You’re 41 weeks pregnant. Excitedly waiting to meet your baby, this little person you’ve been getting to know inside you the past weeks and months. Except we’ve lost the art of waiting and people are…

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Celebrating ten years of embracing change

By Kat | July 16, 2018

This month marks ten years since I last walked out of the office of my previous life. Having spent thirteen years managing record producers and developing artists I was stumbling into a world of uncertainty…

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Want what you want with your WHOLE heart, but WITHOUT attachment to getting it.

By Kat | July 11, 2018

I’ve been reflecting on this idea as the summer sporting events ramp up a notch and there’s a lot of expectation, hope, and desire. How do the England team and tennis players at Wimbledon manage…

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