“I feel it would have been nearly impossible to navigate through hospital policy and to give Sebastian his extra two and a bit weeks of time in the womb without having taken your course and we are incredibly grateful for that!”

By Kat | November 22, 2016

I can’t wait to share this full story with you. Kat and i were in contact whilst she was negotiating her care in the last days and weeks of pregnancy and her experience has already…

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“I don’t really get how people do it without hypnobirthing.”

By Kat | November 22, 2016

Hey Kat, Can’t tell you how insanely thankful we are that we did your class. Our little man was born Thursday night after a proper swift 6 hours of intense labour with the first few…

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“if you spend your day feeling like you can have a giggle when you’re having a baby then you’re probably doing okay…”

By Kat | November 18, 2016

Hypno-birthing didn’t just change everything for us as a couple, it changed everything for me when it came to being a birth partner. I think that’s really worth stressing because the impact on the partner isn’t…

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BodyFit By Amy

By Kat | November 17, 2016

BodyFit By Amy We talk about the importance of exercise in pregnancy – not just for physical strength and suppleness but for emotional support. I was recently sent this link from a mum and her…

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By Kat | November 11, 2016

Just wanted to let you know that our little girl arrived in the early hours of yesterday ❤️ No name yet… Another quick labour (2 hours “first stage”, 10 minutes “second stage”), another empowering experience…

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“The whole adventure left me deeply humbled and flooded with love. A staggering feat of strength and bravery.”

By Kat | November 5, 2016

Hi Kat, Our son, Marlow, was born at home on Monday 24th October. Ellie asked me to share our story. Ellie woke in the small hours of Monday morning with feelings more intense than previous…

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