I can’t wait to share this full story with you. Kat and i were in contact whilst she was negotiating her care in the last days and weeks of pregnancy and her experience has already been inspirational to others in our discussions in classes. In the meantime, this update is very welcome.

“We’ve been in a lovely magical emotional exhausting newborn bubble with our little boy, Sebastian, who is a month old! ALREADY! How did that happen?!

I’ve written an account of the last couple of weeks of pregnancy and our birth, which I’ll send to you. Sebastian finally arrived at week 42 +2, which really was pushing the limits of what UCLH would tolerate for anyone, let alone someone “with gestational diabetes”! I ended up being induced. I’d been in hospital repeatedly for monitoring/ meeting consultants, was under pressure to agree to an induction and the CTG monitoring eventually showed something of potential concern (inevitable I think). However, having been through an induction, all it did was support all the reasons that I was refusing it for so many weeks! It was far too intense and it didn’t work and then my body kicked in and I believe if I had waited another couple of days, it would have started naturally. Also, I don’t believe there was any issues/ risks with Sebastian being “overdue” – he was a modest 7 lbs 12 which is certainly not huge given that I come from a very tall family and also, my placenta on examination was in perfect condition, no calcification or signs of deterioration.

The hugely valuable thing that your hypnobirthing course gave us was the knowledge and confidence to really think about and understand what was going on with my body, and to challenge hospital policy where it was possible. That was so important in the last couple of weeks of pregnancy and also in the labour room during the induction itself. We still created the calm, quiet environment with low lights and music and Dom was able to help me with massage and positive affirmations. I feel it would have been nearly impossible to navigate through hospital policy and to give Sebastian his extra two and a bit weeks of time in the womb without having taken your course and we are incredibly grateful for that!

The sleeping baby in my arms is just stirring so I’ll leave this email now – will send over the birth story soon!”

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