“We are so grateful to Kat for giving us the tools to remain calm and confidence to have our daughter at home.”

By Kat | October 20, 2019

Initially I wanted to give birth in a birth centre but the more I read about hospitals / the medicalisation of birth the more uneasy I became. I read a bit about home birthing and…

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“although it wasn’t the water birth I had pictured it felt calm and I felt in control of my decisions”

By Kat | October 12, 2019

Just to let you know that Reuben arrived into the world on 28th September for the new moon an Jewish new year. I thought I would let you know my birth story. After a week…

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A birth from both mum and dad’s perspectives…

By Kat | October 11, 2019

We did the Hyponobirthing course back in February (wow! I had to look that up, can’t believe it was so long ago) and we had a very healthy big baby boy on 8th June!! Not only…

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“I managed to hop into the pool that was only just ready for the 2 pushes that it took for her to ‘fire out like a torpedo into the water and create a wave’”

By Kat | October 11, 2019

I just wanted to let you know that we had another little lady on 15th August weighing 8lbs 3oz 😊 I’ve been meaning to message you. We’ve named her Zefiryne (Zefi for short). She was…

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