Birth by numbers…

By Kat | July 26, 2013

Birth by numbers… Here’s a very interesting summary from a survey carried out by a fellow HypnoBirthing teacher who is an auditor and can’t help herself 😉 I’m sometimes asked about stats with HypnoBirthing and…

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Birth really is one of the most wonderful and amazing things I have ever done.

By Kat | July 22, 2013

Felix is here and it turns out he wasn’t for waiting either. Sam and I had  our baby,at home and unintentionally it was an undisturbed birth. Midwife arrived 15 seconds after Felix was born and…

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By Kat | July 8, 2013

“Our baby has arrived!  He (Baxter ‘TBC’ Purbrick) actually arrived two weeks ago, but now I have two children to look after, things are pretty hectic, not to mention stressful!   The labour was soooo…

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By Kat | July 4, 2013

When Kat met Kitzinger… A tale of a birth professional meeting one of her heroes!

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