“Your quote ‘Let go of all expectations” couldn’t have rang more true and i held that in mind when our hopes for a home birth took a very different path.”

By Kat | November 19, 2019

Hi Kat, I hope you are well? It feels like such a long time since we attended your classes in the summer, but I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that…

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My story isn’t the version of hypnobirthing that we saw in the videos…

By Kat | November 9, 2019

Dear Kat, At an absolute low point last night when I had been cluster feeding for four hours, and was beside myself at ‘my inability’ to produce enough milk to get my son to sleep,…

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“I feel my birth story was a huge initiation into motherhood, with inevitable obstacles and gates I had to pass through along the way. “

By Kat | September 7, 2019

Our beautiful son, a little Leo, was born Friday 9th August at 6:28pm in a thunderstorm at 39 weeks. He came to earth like a lightning bolt!  It was a wildly magical cosmic experience –…

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I honestly believe giving birth is the most empowering thing I have ever done.

By Kat | May 28, 2019

I write with exciting news of the safe arrival on 13 March of our baby girl, Jemima. Coincidentally, when we got home from the hospital your postcards were waiting for us. It may sound corny…

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“hypnobirthing helped us realise that you can use your mind to take yourself to a place of safety and security regardless of where you are”

By Kat | October 1, 2018

Dear Kat Our dimple-cheeked boy was born hollering in the early hours of 24 June at 42 weeks. I felt his head as he emerged, covered in thick fuzzy hair, and soon afterwards he was…

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The lost art of waiting…

By Kat | July 21, 2018

You’re 41 weeks pregnant. Excitedly waiting to meet your baby, this little person you’ve been getting to know inside you the past weeks and months. Except we’ve lost the art of waiting and people are…

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“I wouldn’t actually change any of it as it’s been such a journey… I feel I can do anything now.”

By Kat | February 27, 2018

I was convinced he’d arrive early but maybe not quite as early as he did (5 weeks), I’d put bets on the blue moon. On the Friday (waters broke on the Sunday) I came home…

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“Thanks to hypnobirthing, we were able to go with the flow and confidently make new decisions as we went along.”

By Kat | February 27, 2018

Hey Kat! THANK YOU! Our baby boy decide to break my waters five weeks early, and I ended up being induced at UCLH after experiencing zilch contractions for a good few days afterwards. (The original…

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“Your course really changed our birthing experience as we had the tools to make choices that resulted in a calm labour with minimal intervention.”

By Kat | October 16, 2017

Hi Katrina, This is a very delayed email to not only inform you that our daughter Emily was born, but also to thank you. Your hypnobirthing course had a massive impact on our birth experience…

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“the experience was animal and amazing – I went into my own little zone and my body took over.”

By Kat | October 12, 2017

Dear Kat, Noah Bruno was born on 30 September 2017 at 00.50.  He’s happy, healthy and feeding well. We cannot thank you enough for all your help – which made such an enormous difference both…

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“The hardest part for me was not knowing how long the birth was going to be.”

By Kat | October 10, 2017

Our baby RenKai Bishop was born on the 28th of August and weighs a healthy 7lbs 5oz. His birth was rather unexpected, as he came at 37+4 weeks! We only just about got a bag…

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“I do believe that because I stayed calm so did the baby!”

By Kat | September 25, 2017

We ended up just a few days overdue. Ford Charles born Aug 13th weighing 6lbs13. I had a bit of a stop/start labour. I went into labour naturally on the 11th but it stopped around…

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“hypnobirthing gave us the mind set that change of plan was ok and that together we could get through it.”

By Kat | September 14, 2017

Hi Kat, been a busy few weeks our end… I was hospitalised with poorly kidneys on bank holiday… It was the baby squashing my kidneys and causing me morphine-worthy pain and significant weight loss…wasn’t even…

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“I am fascinated by how everything worked out and how hypnobirthing techniques and philosophy actually work and why traditional birthing doesn’t!”

By Kat | July 25, 2017

I’m extremely happy that we joined your class and so is Vladimir who kept calling me a ‘hero’ – hahaha. If you want, I can try typing up our birth story: first half = how…

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“we learnt so much and I was really pleased that the classes didn’t just focus on natural births so that I was prepared when we had to go to hospital.”

By Kat | July 3, 2017

Thanks so much for your help in preparing us for the birth of our daughter Clover, who we got the pleasure of finally meeting on 20th April.  As you so rightly said in the classes…

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“It was definitely a positive experience overall, despite the tough bits.”

By Kat | April 20, 2017

We are delighted to announce the birth of our son, Theodore Emmanuel, currently known as Teddy. He joined us late in the evening on Thursday 16 March, weighing in at 9lb 4. Teddy pushed it…

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“I may not have had the peaceful water birth I’d hoped for, but the practice made me adapt to the situation as it unfolded in a calm and almost equally peaceful manner.”

By Kat | March 7, 2017

I was very anxious about giving birth, terrified of pain and also wanted to be calm during pregnancy and not constantly thinking about the big event! I had previously had hypnotherapy for something and so…

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“We think it is remarkable how much you warned us about in our course and then how much we had to deal with”

By Kat | February 14, 2017

So here is the full detailed account – it’s rather long but I found it very cathartic to write!  I actually went past UCLH for the first time last week and was surprised to feel…

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“we are so pleased we did the hypno course with you, it really helped us focus and get our heads in gear when we were faced with a different birth than we had planned.”

By Kat | December 21, 2016

Hi Kat, It’s Catherine & Jaz… I’ve been meaning to email you to say Thanks!! As you know after a flipping “perfect” / problem free pregnancy I was diagnosed the choleostasis of the liver at…

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“I feel it would have been nearly impossible to navigate through hospital policy and to give Sebastian his extra two and a bit weeks of time in the womb without having taken your course and we are incredibly grateful for that!”

By Kat | November 22, 2016

I can’t wait to share this full story with you. Kat and i were in contact whilst she was negotiating her care in the last days and weeks of pregnancy and her experience has already…

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“the whole hypno course, which I thought had gone 100% to waste by this point had in fact been invaluable.”

By Kat | October 19, 2016

Hi Kat So here it is!  The baby email!  A bit late but its been quite the ride! Last Friday morning Patti gave birth to a bouncing baby boy!  (still need to pick a name)…

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Navigating hospital policy… a correspondence

By Kat | October 14, 2016

I’ve been corresponding with one of my gang who is having to navigate hospital policy around a Gestational Diabetes diagnosis and the issue of induction of labour. I think it would be really helpful for…

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“I know hypnobirthing is something I’m going to be forever grateful I did”

By Kat | July 14, 2016

Hey Kat We wanted to drop you a note to introduce you to Enzo Jack. Born Thursday 7th July at 6.58am, weighing in at a health 8lb 8oz. After the induction gel, that we had…

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“It was an amazing experience!”

By Kat | July 8, 2016

Just wanted to let you know little Ayda Isobel Baker arrived on 16 June a very happy healthy little girl at 2.8 kgs. I was induced using prostaglandin (as they suspected she was small for…

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By Kat | June 26, 2016

Frederick Gustav was born yesterday 12.50pm 4.16kg. Baby is doing really well and we are over the moon 🙂 Thank you ever so much for your support! I think what you taught me really massively…

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By Kat | March 16, 2016

Dear Kat, I hope all is well with you?  Sam is 7 weeks old today and totally adorable.  I found all the birth stories on your website really helpful so thought it would be good…

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“I’m so glad we had faith in the birth we’d hoped for.”

By Kat | September 15, 2015

Hi Kat, Good news…baby Marlowe Faith arrived at home at 00:55am on Saturday 12th September, weighing 3.89kgs. After keeping us waiting for so long she still managed to take us by surprise and Trent had…

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“The path to Blake’s birth had many twists and turns but we were able to stay positive, calm and excited because of our faith and trust in my body & our baby”

By Kat | July 7, 2015

Hi kat We had another wee boy! A hat trick of gorgeous Honan boys! We are complete! He is called Blake and he arrived early this morning. It was an amazingly swift and calm birth…

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An oft asked question

By Kat | October 5, 2014

‎I thought I’d share some correspondence between me and one of my clients this weekend – this comes up fairly often so I thought it worth sharing. Hi Kat, Hope u r well! A quick…

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By Kat | July 29, 2014

Hi Kat, Sorry for not emailing sooner – it’s amazing how little I manage to achieve each day! Anyway, we’re thrilled to tell you that Nancy Jane Aspinall finally made her appearance on 2 July.…

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By Kat | July 5, 2014

HypnoBirthing is a complete antenatal course. Not only does it help a woman grow in trust and confidence in her body’s ability to birth but it also provides the backbone for a couple to feel…

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“I’m content with the way everything turned out – we put up a good fight but eventually knew when to go with the flow”

By Kat | June 26, 2014

So here’s our full birth story Kat – it’s quite long! But before I start, I wanted to say thank you for everything. Whenever people ask me to explain hypnobirthing, I say that it’s far…

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I’m proud of what we did and think it was all for the best – she was fighting fit when she came out and is a calm and serene baby

By Kat | June 3, 2014

Well, she finally arrived (@43 weeks) last Thursday afternoon by C-section, after what felt like a 3 week period of never-ending negotiations with the Whittington! They’d been keen to induce since 40+4, but when they…

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By Kat | May 1, 2014

I’m always inspired when a group of likeminded people get together to discuss a subject they’re passionate about so when over a hundred wise and interesting women get together to support AIMS and discuss induction…

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“It’s about what’s right for YOU and ensuring you have the tools and information to own the experience, however that may go.”

By Kat | April 3, 2014

My due date came and went, and at 40+5 we went in for a routine check up. Immediately my midwife tried to book me in for an induction. When we asked about alternatives she told…

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By Kat | March 3, 2014

Be careful, take care, pay heed. Your baby’s in danger. Your body may bleed.” They told me…,”Sadness in your past could happen again, Use our machines, your body’s no friend. Sit straight, lay back, don’t…

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