Hi Kat,

It’s Catherine & Jaz…

I’ve been meaning to email you to say Thanks!!

As you know after a flipping “perfect” / problem free pregnancy I was diagnosed the choleostasis of the liver at week 36 and the hospital wanted to induce me at 37 … Thank you for all the links you sent to Jaz and to me.

We spent the week trying to work out whether we should be induced or not and trying to read positive induction stories / bring on my labour!! Hello raspberry leaf tea, pineapple, music, cheesy films and going for lots of walks.

I was taking medicine for the choleostasis  and we had a second blood test to see whether my levels had gone down. In fact they went up 200% so we decided that it was better to be induced as the alternatives are really unknown.

We were both disappointed because we were planning a homebirth and we were well aware of the pitfalls of induction… The slippery slope to intervention.

However…!!! We had a really positive induction!!

I had two prostoglandin gels at 8.30pm, my waters broke at 10.30pm and then after refusing a sweep from the dr at 3cm dilated we managed to get my labour going naturally and we had a great birth we were really happy with! (apart from the 2 gels)

I really used all the hypnobirthing techniques to keep myself relaxed through the first stages of labour.  Relaxation / affirmations…

Jaz really helped me keep my breathing going in the last stages when you could really lose the plot! 🙂

We are going to write our birth up properly when we have 5 mins but I wanted to let you know that we are so pleased we did the hypno course with you and it really helped us focus and get our heads in gear when we were faced with a different birth than we had planned.

Thanks so much!! Thanks for the card you sent too.

Here is a photo of our little boy Jake, he was born on the 30th November at 14.41… On the labour ward at Homerton. Total opposite of our homebirth!! Howevever the midwives did organise a birth pool for us.

Catherine & Jaz


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