“We weren’t planning a home birth, we were due at the birth centre at the Whittington but there was just no time to get there”

By Kat | January 21, 2020

Hello Kat, Happy new year! I just read an email newsletter from you and it reminded me that I wanted to pass onto you news of our second baby, Willow Helena, born on 6 November.…

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By Kat | November 29, 2019

Just wanted to say thank you again for your support this year. I passed my viva last month, and it went calmly and smoothly –  very pleasing. And then on Monday we had our second…

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“Both me and my partner remember the birth as one of the best days of our lives.”

By Kat | November 23, 2019

Dear Kat I always enjoy reading your emails and this morning’s reminded me that I had forgotten to thank you for the amazing help you gave us. You were kind enough to offer me a half…

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“I managed to hop into the pool that was only just ready for the 2 pushes that it took for her to ‘fire out like a torpedo into the water and create a wave’”

By Kat | October 11, 2019

I just wanted to let you know that we had another little lady on 15th August weighing 8lbs 3oz 😊 I’ve been meaning to message you. We’ve named her Zefiryne (Zefi for short). She was…

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“It was intense, but I really felt prepared, calm and confident!”

By Kat | September 7, 2019

Hi Kat, Just to let you know that our hypno-baby arrived last Sunday – also known as Alice. Another happy homebirth, which her big brother slept through in the room next door. She’s lovely, and…

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I honestly believe giving birth is the most empowering thing I have ever done.

By Kat | May 28, 2019

I write with exciting news of the safe arrival on 13 March of our baby girl, Jemima. Coincidentally, when we got home from the hospital your postcards were waiting for us. It may sound corny…

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“I thought that hypnobirthing was about breathing your baby out, in a dark room, in a pool, but it’s something entirely different. It’s about being empowered, informed and courageous.”

By Kat | November 12, 2018

Hi Kat, I am beyond happy to tell you that Joan arrived safe and well on the 6th of November at 42+5 when my instincts told me that my baby needed to come earth-side the…

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“I really couldn’t believe that it was all going so well and smoothly, and that we might actually be going to have the baby at home!”

By Kat | August 2, 2018

Dear Kat I’ve been meaning to write and say thank you so much for your session with us back in the Spring, and to tell you that all went well with the birth of F,…

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I saw off the “advanced maternal age” brigade

By Kat | June 21, 2018

Hey Kat I thought you’d like to know that our sweet baby Maia arrived on 15 May. At home. Four hour labour. Felt fantastic. Right on 42 weeks so I saw off the “advanced maternal…

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“100% agree it was better not to be told about size!”

By Kat | August 8, 2017

Little Lola arrived 2 weeks ago and we’re all smitten. Actually, she wasn’t so little at 4.6kg…but we managed a water birth. Not sure I would have tried had I known I was carrying a…

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“I am overawed at the intensity of the birthing experience”

By Kat | November 28, 2015

Hello Kat! Just to let you know that we moved 2 weeks ago and Baby Delaney part 2 arrived on Saturday midday. The midwives were very relaxed about arranging the home birth for us. I…

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“I’m so glad we had faith in the birth we’d hoped for.”

By Kat | September 15, 2015

Hi Kat, Good news…baby Marlowe Faith arrived at home at 00:55am on Saturday 12th September, weighing 3.89kgs. After keeping us waiting for so long she still managed to take us by surprise and Trent had…

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“it really is the best money we ever spent!”

By Kat | February 11, 2015

Just wanted to let you know that baby girl Bado was born yesterday at 8:35am weighing in at 8.10lbs- Born in water. Labour was about 6.5 hrs and another pool birth! No drugs just your…

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By Kat | September 20, 2014

Hi Kat, I am so happy to let you know that our little baby girl (yet to be named) arrived early Monday morning after a labour smoothed over by some good hypno-breathing. We found your…

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“The female body is truly a remarkable thing.”

By Kat | July 5, 2014

Hi Katrina, It was so so lovely to see you at the end of May for the refresher, and my apologies this is coming to you ridiculously late. Just wanted to thank you from the…

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“I really can’t think of a thing I would have changed about the experience. It really was everything we had hoped for.”

By Kat | August 29, 2013

Dear Kat, I’m quite looking forward to sharing the tale of Finlay’s birth. It really went extremely well and I feel really lucky to have had the experience, and am happy to share about it…

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By Kat | August 8, 2013

“I wanted to let you know our little boy put in his appearance on Wednesday! He was a full two weeks early (good thing we did the earlier classes!!) and arrived on Max’s birthday. My…

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“I think that so many women are having babies without knowing that this is the most cherished moment in a woman’s life.”

By Kat | July 2, 2013

English is not Maya’s first language so we got together to talk through her experience. What follows is a transcription of that conversation. “The birth of my first son left me traumatised. I’d done pregnancy…

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“I feel that the birth has made me feel stronger and more confident in general.”

By Kat | July 28, 2012

Hello KatrinaGeorgia was born last Thurs, on her due date (my birthday!), still in her sack, in a pool in our kitchen. It couldn’t have gone better! Matt caught her. The visualisations re Ribbans and…

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Pretty damn close to the birth plan, but then miles away from anything I was expecting.  Hilarious!

By Kat | June 24, 2011

Hi Katrina, Further to my brief text … here is what happened … in full(ish)… amazing I could write so much for such a quick labour! Monday morning I got up for breakfast and declared…

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“I feel so empowered by what we achieved” – a wonderful tale of a home birth

By Kat | February 10, 2011

Our baby boy arrived on Sunday 23rd Jan at 3.24am, at home in the pool.
 Weighing in at 7.5 lbs He is perfect and three weeks on, we are all doing really well. Gideon also…

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Well what can I say – it was a very different experience from my first birth!

By Kat | March 26, 2010

“Well what can I say – it was a very different experience from my first birth! My waters broke at 8pm on Monday night which was a new experience as it never happened with Bert.…

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By Kat | January 29, 2010

I’ve just about got myself together to reflect after giving birth to a baby girl, Verity, on Saturday 23rd Jan at 1am. I had an amazing birthing experience, which I must put down to hypnobirthing,…

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