“Looking back at it I’m saying: wow! I did it!”

By Kat | February 22, 2017

Hi Kat,It’s Rita and Alessandro from hypnobirthing class. We wanted to say THANK YOU!!! Our baby Alice was born on the 10th of January (6 days after the “due date”) she’s just 6 weeks now…

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“We think it is remarkable how much you warned us about in our course and then how much we had to deal with”

By Kat | February 14, 2017

So here is the full detailed account – it’s rather long but I found it very cathartic to write!  I actually went past UCLH for the first time last week and was surprised to feel…

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“ I learnt that women who have given birth are bloody amazing and wondrously powerful creatures – I still can’t quite believe that I am now one of them.”

By Kat | February 1, 2017

Hi Kat Here she is, Camille Jean Clemoes, in all her wonderful, squidgy glory 🙂 Camille joined us on planet earth on Wednesday 28th December, 11:52am and weighing 6lbs15oz. Now for the really interesting bit…

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