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My story isn’t the version of hypnobirthing that we saw in the videos…

By Kat | November 9, 2019

Dear Kat, At an absolute low point last night when I had been cluster feeding for four hours, and was beside myself at ‘my inability’ to produce enough milk to get my son to sleep,…

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“We are so grateful to Kat for giving us the tools to remain calm and confidence to have our daughter at home.”

By Kat | October 20, 2019

Initially I wanted to give birth in a birth centre but the more I read about hospitals / the medicalisation of birth the more uneasy I became. I read a bit about home birthing and…

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“although it wasn’t the water birth I had pictured it felt calm and I felt in control of my decisions”

By Kat | October 12, 2019

Just to let you know that Reuben arrived into the world on 28th September for the new moon an Jewish new year. I thought I would let you know my birth story. After a week…

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A birth from both mum and dad’s perspectives…

By Kat | October 11, 2019

We did the Hyponobirthing course back in February (wow! I had to look that up, can’t believe it was so long ago) and we had a very healthy big baby boy on 8th June!! Not only…

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“I managed to hop into the pool that was only just ready for the 2 pushes that it took for her to ‘fire out like a torpedo into the water and create a wave’”

By Kat | October 11, 2019

I just wanted to let you know that we had another little lady on 15th August weighing 8lbs 3oz 😊 I’ve been meaning to message you. We’ve named her Zefiryne (Zefi for short). She was…

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“None of the changes to the plan phased me and I think that is a credit to the groundedness you helped instill.”

By Kat | September 7, 2019

A big belated thank you for your advice on sweeps. Freya was born on the full moon of Tuesday 16th (3.825kg, 53cm). Though 12 days past her due date she zoomed out when she decided…

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“It was intense, but I really felt prepared, calm and confident!”

By Kat | September 7, 2019

Hi Kat, Just to let you know that our hypno-baby arrived last Sunday – also known as Alice. Another happy homebirth, which her big brother slept through in the room next door. She’s lovely, and…

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“I feel my birth story was a huge initiation into motherhood, with inevitable obstacles and gates I had to pass through along the way. “

By Kat | September 7, 2019

Our beautiful son, a little Leo, was born Friday 9th August at 6:28pm in a thunderstorm at 39 weeks. He came to earth like a lightning bolt!  It was a wildly magical cosmic experience –…

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Celebrating fathers

By Kat | June 16, 2019

God I love “my” hypnobirthing dads…. When I get riled up about the patriarchal system squashing feminine power and how that has affected women’s ability to birth and belief in themselves; I remember “my” dads and how…

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I honestly believe giving birth is the most empowering thing I have ever done.

By Kat | May 28, 2019

I write with exciting news of the safe arrival on 13 March of our baby girl, Jemima. Coincidentally, when we got home from the hospital your postcards were waiting for us. It may sound corny…

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Hug for your life!

By Kat | April 9, 2019

I’m a hugger. There’s almost nothing I like more than a hug… The average length of a hug between two people is 3 seconds. But researchers have discovered something fantastic. When a hug lasts 20…

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“Happy if we contribute to help couples to not be scared of a c-section and stick to their guns decision wise. “

By Kat | March 6, 2019

Hi Katrina, How are you? A little email to let you know that we had our baby girl Eva on Thursday 21st February at 10.01am! She decided to come early at 39weeks + 1 day.…

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“Barnaby came out toes first which was a surprise to all as his heart beat had been firmly where it should be for a head down baby just half an hour before.”

By Kat | January 12, 2019

A belated note to wish you a very merry Christmas and to introduce our newest family addition! Barnaby Benjamin joined us on 21 November, born at home late in the evening, weighing in at 8lbs…

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“It was very special for baby to be born at home and without any intervention at all.”

By Kat | December 7, 2018

Hi Kat, I hope that you’re well. I wanted to let you know that our baby boy, Sebastian, arrived on Friday 5th October at 10pm. We’re both doing well, although still a bit shocked about…

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Remembering ‘Memorial’

By Kat | November 14, 2018

  At the start of 2018 I made a commitment to myself to sing and dance more in my life. So I joined a local choir where once a week I could go and sing,…

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“I thought that hypnobirthing was about breathing your baby out, in a dark room, in a pool, but it’s something entirely different. It’s about being empowered, informed and courageous.”

By Kat | November 12, 2018

Hi Kat, I am beyond happy to tell you that Joan arrived safe and well on the 6th of November at 42+5 when my instincts told me that my baby needed to come earth-side the…

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“I knew that my body was birthing my baby and I just needed to work with it and accommodate what it needed to do”

By Kat | October 19, 2018

Max’s Birth Story- 19th August 2018 On the morning of Saturday 18th August Erica, my midwife, came to visit us. I was 10 days post due date and the anxiety around induction and the tough…

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“hypnobirthing helped us realise that you can use your mind to take yourself to a place of safety and security regardless of where you are”

By Kat | October 1, 2018

Dear Kat Our dimple-cheeked boy was born hollering in the early hours of 24 June at 42 weeks. I felt his head as he emerged, covered in thick fuzzy hair, and soon afterwards he was…

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“It really felt like for me like I was very involved in our baby’s birth”

By Kat | August 27, 2018

Hi Kat, We’ve been meaning to get in touch since our daughter was born four weeks ago. Her name is Leonie Rosa Grace and she is the most wonderful, delicious little thing. First of all,…

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“Birthing him was such a magical experience”

By Kat | August 24, 2018

Hi Kat, I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to say first of all thank you for all the resources and support you shared with me in regards to the GBS concern. It…

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“hypnobirthing helped me stay relaxed and in tune with my body for the delivery of my wonderful baby”

By Kat | August 2, 2018

Dear Kat, I hope you are well. Just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know that my baby boy showed up a little earlier than expected, exactly a week ago today…

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“I really couldn’t believe that it was all going so well and smoothly, and that we might actually be going to have the baby at home!”

By Kat | August 2, 2018

Dear Kat I’ve been meaning to write and say thank you so much for your session with us back in the Spring, and to tell you that all went well with the birth of F,…

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“things were so intense and fast, but curiously I started to sing a series of long notes”

By Kat | July 24, 2018

Hi Kat, Sorry this has taken so long to write, I wanted to make sure I could do it justice and having three kids doesn’t really allow for much down time! This is so long…

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The lost art of waiting…

By Kat | July 21, 2018

You’re 41 weeks pregnant. Excitedly waiting to meet your baby, this little person you’ve been getting to know inside you the past weeks and months. Except we’ve lost the art of waiting and people are…

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Celebrating ten years of embracing change

By Kat | July 16, 2018

This month marks ten years since I last walked out of the office of my previous life. Having spent thirteen years managing record producers and developing artists I was stumbling into a world of uncertainty…

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Want what you want with your WHOLE heart, but WITHOUT attachment to getting it.

By Kat | July 11, 2018

I’ve been reflecting on this idea as the summer sporting events ramp up a notch and there’s a lot of expectation, hope, and desire. How do the England team and tennis players at Wimbledon manage…

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I saw off the “advanced maternal age” brigade

By Kat | June 21, 2018

Hey Kat I thought you’d like to know that our sweet baby Maia arrived on 15 May. At home. Four hour labour. Felt fantastic. Right on 42 weeks so I saw off the “advanced maternal…

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“Tell them that they really can choose their own experience – no matter what happens around them”

By Kat | June 13, 2018

Hi Kat, Just to let you know that we won’t be able to attend the class tomorrow night as baby had other ideas! He was born at 10pm in Friday June 8th. He’s small at…

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“The midwives kept saying, “oh yeah, the 3rd ones – they are different!“ and they were right.”

By Kat | April 23, 2018

And now he’s here! 9 days later than expected – I always thought 3rd babies wouldn’t be later than the previous ones – but little Elias Bodhi proved us wrong. The midwives kept saying, “oh…

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“Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement! It really set the tone that got us on course to manifest the birth we wanted”

By Kat | April 7, 2018

Hi Kat,  Well, we did it… again!!! Out little gal is here. Zelda Stuart arrived at 1:54am on March 24. She took us very much by surprise showing up two weeks ahead of her guess…

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By Kat | March 30, 2018

Delighted to be (kinda 🤣) name checked on #bookshambles podcast yesterday. #whyhypnobirthingmatters #hypnobirthing #birthprep #pregnancybrainisreal #birthinlondon #pregnancy

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“It was truly the best birth we could have hoped for, and scooping our son out of the water, into my arms, was a remarkable experience.“

By Kat | March 25, 2018

Dear Kat,We were surprised by the early arrival of a baby boy on 4 March – born at 38 weeks and 2 days, and weighing in at 7lb.He was born into the water at the…

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By Kat | March 21, 2018

Couldn’t resist celebrating Spring Equinox with tonight’s hypnobirthing group at @thewellgarden. This room was custom built for my groups, we don’t just learn, we live hypnobirthing. It’s been said on more than one occasion that…

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By Kat | March 18, 2018

“Guess what!? We have a little baby boy!  He turned up a month early and it was all a bit of a hoo-ha but we are so very happy and I loved giving birth (even…

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By Kat | March 14, 2018

Women’s bodies work. Teamwork works. Preparation works Link in ☝🏻☝🏻bio☝🏻☝🏻for hypnobirthing bookings #getready #getinformed #getinspired #birthprep #birth #pregnancy #hypnobirthing #hackney #hackneydowns #positivebirth #hypnosis #mindfulness #whyhypnobirthingmatters #antenatal #mumtobe #takingthehippyoutofhypnobirthing #london #antenatal #classes #parenthood #affirmation #pregnant

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By Kat | March 12, 2018

He’s here! Welcoming William Walter to the world born 9th March… I’m so very honoured to share news that “my” 750th baby has come safely and joyously into the world… Huge congrats to Natalie and…

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