“We couldn’t have got through the initial 30 odd hours of labour without the breathing and visualisation exercises”

By Kat | April 19, 2011

Albert was born at the end of February a few days or so late and is now seven weeks old. We started off at home/in the very nice birthing centre in St Mary’s, but after…

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“Our birthing day was fabulous but not how we had planned”

By Kat | April 18, 2011

Hello all, I want to share the wonderful news of the arrival of our daughter, Ava-Lucia, last weekend at Homerton Birthing centre. We are now at home getting to know each other. It is wonderful!…

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By Kat | April 3, 2011

Seeing babies enter the world is truly humbling. Watching these children grow up and become happy, adventurous characters brings me so much joy. I’ve been able to catch up with mums and babes recently and…

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