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Month: December 2013

By Kat | December 22, 2013

HypnoBirthing with Kat Christmas Party!, a set on Flickr. A wonderful afternoon catching up with mums, dads, babies, bumps and toddlers to celebrate the festive season!

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No Room at the hospital? Why not give birth at the Inn instead?

By Kat | December 22, 2013

No Room at the hospital? Why not give birth at the Inn instead? Milli Hill wonders if being turned away from Labour Ward might actually be a blessing in disguise Our Michelle and George are…

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“I think we appeared a little bit too relaxed for someone having contractions 2mins apart”

By Kat | December 11, 2013

A wonderful birth story demonstrating the great strength that Laura showed and how valuable a supportive partner is – well done Chris! Her body and baby were obviously ready and getting going so when given…

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“You can’t control what will happen in your own birth story but you can control how you deal with it.”

By Kat | December 10, 2013

This is a great example of how HypnoBirthing really does help in all birthing situations and being calm, confident and informed makes for the most positive of experiences. Catherine and Damian had this to say…

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By Kat | December 3, 2013

The birth was amazing….. My labour & birth was 2 hours 7 minutes! She was safely & calmly born at home in the birthing pool. I caught her & we cuddled within seconds of entering…

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