The lost art of waiting…

You’re 41 weeks pregnant. Excitedly waiting to meet your baby, this little person you’ve been getting to know inside you the past weeks and months. Except we’ve lost the art of waiting and people are asking you whether you’ve had the baby yet (put an auto reply on every messaging service you have directing these people to this website), healthcare providers are talking about induction and you’re beginning to wonder if you might, just possibly, be the first woman to stay pregnant FOREVER… 

In a city where amazon and deliveroo can have almost anything your heart desires delivered to you the same day, we simply aren’t comfortable with the patience required to wait for a baby to make their appearance.

In my hypnobirthing sessions we talk at length of the fallacy that  is a ‘due date’, that it’s based not on evidence, science or observations of human pregnancy but a mention in the bible, celestially significant numbers and the work of a botanist! We fully appreciate that every baby comes when they’re ready; largely between 37 and 42 weeks of pregnancy but sometimes either side of that large window too. The last big study into gestational length showed that for first time mums, the average length of pregnancy (and who’s average?!) is 41 weeks and a day so let’s return to the 41 week pregnant woman who’s looking for a sign…. And trust me, everything starts to be thought of as a sign around this time…

∞ I slept really well last night – maybe that’s a sign?

∞ I slept really badly last night – maybe that’s a sign?

∞ I feel a bit all over the place – maybe that’s a sign?

∞ I feel really calm and grounded – maybe that’s a sign?

∞ I just sneezed three times in a row – maybe that’s a sign?

∞ The cat / dog / budgie is paying me lots of attention – maybe they know something?

∞ The cat / dog / budgie is avoiding me – maybe they know something?

∞ The  birds outside are singing particularly loudly – maybe they know something?




…. breeeeeathe….


release your jaw, drop your shoulders, soften your hands


It’s time to let go…


Let go of the notion you have to do anything, your baby will come when they’re ready

Let go of the notion you’re holding on and preventing it from happening, your baby will come when they’re ready

Let go of the books you’ve read, the classes you’ve attended, the theory you’ve learned, your baby will come when they’re ready

There’s nothing more to do now but surrender.

And when you feel you’ve surrendered fully…. surrender some more

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