Hey Kat

Finally I find the time to tell you about our amazing news! Our daughter Rona was born on the 28th of April, one week later than due date.. ( but we know how that goes 😉 )

In the week  before we had a rather bizarre meeting with one of the Obstetricians at the Homerton who was hell-bent on getting the baby out on the dot, but on the other hand, didn’t really feel it was necessary to properly check baby’s heartbeat and recognised that it was still a bit on the small side at 39 weeks… Oh well, we explained to her that we’re not so sure about her suggestion and left it at that…

Barbara’s water broke in the morning of the 28th and she had mild surges during the day… After two hours of quite intense labour Rona was born completely naturally and with no pain relief in the pool in our spare bedroom shortly before midnight 🙂 

The Homebirth team from Homerton Hospital was very good, although it would have been nice if Francine would have pitched up a wee bit earlier than an hour and a bit before birth 🙂

We would like to thank you again for your great support and tips! Barbara listened every day to your affirmation talks and it helped her getting through it all like a seasoned pro (but it obviously it was the first time 🙂

Best regards 

Markus, Barbara, Rona

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