I’m always inspired when a group of likeminded people get together to discuss a subject they’re passionate about so when over a hundred wise and interesting women get together to support AIMS and discuss induction of labour you know you’re in for a good evening.

As a birth worker I have been recommending AIMS to every single pregnant woman I meet for years. They work tirelessly to support the rights of women in pregnancy and birth and their publications are an invaluable resource. I’ve been waiting with baited breath for the updated booklet about Induction and last night attended the launch of publication at the Watershed in Bristol.

Author Sara Wickham is a midwife, researcher, writer who I have also been recommending for years. She has an amazing blog, well worth subscribing to and is keen to point out that this latest book is a collaborative effort combining the wisdom and experience of the whole AIMS committee and drawing on the experiences of the women who call their helpline.

You can order the book here (it will soon be available for Kindle also) but in the meantime here’s ten things every woman should know about induction. Please also read my post about induction.

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