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I love the notion and feeling of curiosity. That place of not knowing or ‘beginners mind’ allows for great possibility.

I encourage clients to be curious about the stories their minds are spinning them. The labels they’ve given themselves or adopted from others. The feelings they’re experiencing. Reactions to other people around them and the twist and turns of circumstance.

Being curious allows for a certain amount of distance. Encourages you to be the observer and witness emotions and thoughts as what they are. Transient.
Problems come about when we grab a hold of emotions and make them mean something. When we’re curious we don’t bring a back story or a sense of identity and we might be surprised by what we find; and equally by what we don’t.

In essence: Feel the feelings and drop the story.

In birth-sense, I’m a big fan of Ina May’s quote about surges: “Rather than think of it as pain, think of it as an interesting sensation that requires all of your attention”

What could you bring a sense of curiosity to in your day today? Your work? Other people? Your emotional landscape? How your body feels?

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