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This is a phrase my best friend says often and I love it. It’s reassuring if you are agonising over a current decision or over-thinking a choice you already made. Fear of “choosing wrong” keeps you in states of limbo or regret. If you truly had faith in knowing that you cannot screw up your destiny, would you trust your choices more?

A lot of the people I work with are suffering with analysis paralysis… the need for certainty preventing ANY decisions for fear of making the wrong choice. Trust me, there are no “wrong” choices.

We often think in life there is some “there” we are supposed to get to, or some “something” we are supposed to do or some “someone” we are supposed to meet; and if we don’t choose right, we’ll miss out on the theres, somethings and someones.

From everything I’ve studied, observed and experienced, I trust that we all come into life with our own unique path. Perhaps destiny is more about what we are here to learn rather than getting to a there, doing a something, or meeting a somebody. The people we meet along the way and situations we experience simply serve as teachers.

What I’ve learned this past decade is that the Universe is always looking out for you. It will continue to send you opportunities to direct you and if you miss a sign, It will send more. You are never off course.

Trust that if there is something you are destined to experience, you will
Trust that if there are things you are destined to do, you will do them
Trust that if there is someone you are destined to meet, you will meet them
This does not mean that you can just stay home and wait for destiny to knock at your door. Moving along the path of your life requires action. Your destiny is not a destination. It is present each and every day

Choose to accept everything you experience in life as part of your destiny
Choose to do things in the most authentic expression of your best self
Choose to surround yourself with people that are aligned with your values & passions

But remember to CHOOSE
Being in analysis paralysis because you are buying into the misunderstanding that you can somehow screw up your destiny is like pressing the pause button on your life

Press play!

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