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14 years ago when my beloved nanna passed I inherited a cactus plant of hers. I think it’s flowered once in the time I’ve had it.

For a long time it lay dormant, nearly dead, through my neglect thanks to my busy life in the music industry. Back then my idea of gardening was buying all new plants for the garden every summer, letting them die and then replacing them the next season.

When I came out of the fog of depression following my leaving the industry and all that I knew my life to be, the guilt when I looked at this plant was huge. It felt like a betrayal of my love for this incredible woman I’d always admired and adored.
So it was repotted and cared for and yet still no flowers. It grew slowly and surely, but no flowers.

This past couple of weeks I had to catch my breath when I realised there were small buds appearing. Sure enough, now as I write this, after at least a decade, there are dozens of vivid pink buds and flowers bursting forth…

In an age where deliveroo and amazon can have almost anything your heart desires delivered to your doorstep within the hour, we’re in danger of losing the art of patience.

Babies teach you patience in pregnancy.
You cannot will birth to happen; babies come when they’re ready.
Trust nature. Adopt her pace.

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