I meet many clients who are searching for certainty in life. The truth is nothing is certain.
In the limbic system of the brain, deep within the temporal lobes, there are two small almond shaped groups of nuclei called the amygdala. In the amygdala there are certainties of a sort. The amygdala is the home of our instinct. It is in the amygdala that when we’re cornered we instantly decide whether to run away or fight. In that decision there is no doubt. Instinct is primitive. It is certainty.

Intuition comes from the word intuitio, or, “consideration,” meaning it’s an accumulated belief. It’s the ongoing collection of experiences, we could say it is instinct sharpened.

So how can we sense, refine and trust our intuition?
∞ Create a stillness practice. It’s hard to hear yourself with so many synapses firing. So whether your practice involves meditation, yoga, prayer, breathing exercises, hypnosis or running, the point is, it doesn’t matter how you do it, only that you do it. Why? Because from stillness comes lucidity. And from lucidity comes a direct line to your intuition.
∞ Establish a daily internal dialogue with yourself. Journaling has proven to be a therapeutic tool for lowering stress and improving health, but it’s also a fast, free and effective gateway to your inner and higher truth.
∞ Listen to your body’s wisdom. Your body is your best friend, if you only listen to what she’s saying. Think about where you manifest stress. Back pain? Stomach acid? Migranes? Skin rashes? Also, notice patterns in how you feel when doing certain activities. Anxiety? Numbness? You’ll find that direct communication with your body—the one thing that will always tell you the truth—is the gateway to intuitive understanding.

Intuition is the north star of the human soul – an ever-present inner guide, that impossible inner knowing, that soft spiritual nudge, telling you to go this way, read that book, speak to these people. You can trust your intuition. You just need to hear it.

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