Christmas…. The imagery around it in our society is that of a life just so bloody perfect isn’t it? Cookie cutter christmas of a joyful family, the perfect food, the perfect gifts, the perfect feelings that that bloody Coca Cola truck and their fella in red are supposedly distributing around the world… Doesn’t always feel that way though does it?

For those who have perfectionist (read control freak) tendencies anyway this is prime fodder for feeling ‘not enough’. Have i got the perfect gifts for everyone? Have I home crafted the perfect cake, cards, wreath?

A member of one of my yoga kulas shared her mantra with us this week, Intention over perfection. Timely reminder. What if we were to focus on the intention over perfection? The kindness of the thought behind the gift? The love and joy in the time taken to bake, shape and craft.

Repeat after me, intention over perfection
intention over perfection
intention over perfection
intention over perfection

Slow it down and remember what matters. Intention over perfection

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