Ahead of tomorrow’s gift giving, food and drink extravaganza, I thought it timely to consider connecting with an attitude of gratitude. The bio-psycho-social-spiritual benefits of gratitude are myriad. Cultivating conscious contact with thankfulness is a skill which benefits all when practicing it.

Gratitude is as an antidote for attachment to what we want but don’t have and aversion to what we have but don’t want. Gratitude is the opposite of being discontented.

By writing down positive things that happen to you and actively acknowledging those who have helped you, you become better at recognising the good in your life, which naturally helps you feel more grateful and thankful more often.

You can test the effectiveness of connecting with gratitude by tuning in to your current emotion(s), mood, and attitude.
Once you’ve done that, take a few minutes and identify 3 things or people that you are grateful for and briefly describe to yourself or in writing the reason(s) for your gratitude. Now notice how the way you feel has shifted after doing this simple brief exercise.

You could make this a regular practice, every day, each week, at other intervals, or under situation-specific circumstances. Writing down 3 – 5 things for which you’re grateful trains your brain to look for the good in your life and when you have a human brain with it’s naturally negative predisposition this is a gift.

There are no guarantees of anything and we can take nothing for granted in this life. Every day is a gift; every breath is a gift. What we do with them is a choice.

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