HypnoBirthing is a complete antenatal course. Not only does it help a woman grow in trust and confidence in her body’s ability to birth but it also provides the backbone for a couple to feel confident and empowered to make informed decisions – sometimes against hospital advice and guidelines.

I received a call on Thursday from Amy and Rajan, a lovely couple planning a home birth with their first baby. She’d just left the hospital having been told she’d been diagnosed with Obstetric Cholestasis. She’d been advised to stay in that night and be induced right away.

Amy and Rajan took the time to ask questions, go and sit somewhere quietly and discuss things together and then, because she and baby both felt absolutely fine, decided to go home, do some research, get some rest and decide if they felt an induction of labour was necessary and if so how best to approach it.

It was wonderful to talk to a calm, rational, responsible mother, so obviously doing what felt best for her and her family and keen not to be rushed into anything knowing how that can lead to unnecessary intervention.

Yesterday I heard the following from her:

Have recently got back from the hospital, there has been a lot of waiting around! The outcome is very positive however, they have reversed the diagnosis and I no longer have OC! Thank God I stuck to my instincts and didn’t get induced last night.

My bile levels are normal, my urine is good, liver and kidney functions are good too. The first bloods taken on Tuesday were abnormal but that’s because they were left out too long and only got tested on the Thursday morning, after which I got called in. My blood pressure is borderline (not surprised) so will need monitoring but other than that good chances of having a home birth after all. 

Thank you for listening to me, giving me your advice and expertise knowledge. I felt far more equipped going into hospital today with all the facts. Rajan and I also know that you gave us the trust in ourselves to walk out of that hospital yesterday! And how lucky we have been. Hypnobirthing truly does work on many different levels. We were in control and we made the right decision by our baby and thank goodness for that. It’s through your course we also found out about AIMs and Kath was fantastic in supporting us. 
Thanks once again”

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