Hi Katrina,

It was so so lovely to see you at the end of May for the refresher, and my apologies this is coming to you ridiculously late.
Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us to – finally – prepare for our second child. The time we spent with you really helped us to deal with the fears and reservations we had around the birth, all brought about by our first birth experience which we had, for better or worse, not fully acknowledged the true trauma of. Revisiting the affirmations, the massage techniques and dedicating time to the new book really helped me to feel more confident about the birth – along with the amazing Epi-no!
We are happy to report that our beautiful second daughter, Eliette, was born in the wee hours of Sat morning, June 14, within 2 hours of arriving to the hospital. I used the Up breathing exercises and visualizations to help get me through the surges, which I felt more control over than I had with Clementine’s birth. Once we were assessed, I was told I was 4 cm though informed that the baby was back to back, which apparently elongates the birth. I just remember thinking to myself “there is absolutely NO WAY this is going to take any longer than necessary” and somehow, within 5 mins of being assessed the surges came fast and furiously, at which point my waters broke and I felt the uncontrollable urge to push (this didn’t happen with Clementine’s birth). The birthing pool/room wasn’t fully prepared for us at that time so instead we were ushered into the closest room to the assessment area, which I can best describe a practice/storage room for the midwives. And it was there, 10 mins later and without any drugs, that I gave birth to our precious Eliette… and she is just absolutely perfect!  Amazingly I didn’t tear which has always been one of my greatest fears. The experience was incredibly empowering and to be honest, I still can’t believe I did it! The female body is truly a remarkable thing.
Thank you again for everything and we look forward to introducing you to our little Eliette very very soon!
With lots of love & gratitude,
laura, mark, clementine y eliette xo

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