Welcome to the world Silas Oak!

“Just to let you know our home birth was an amazing experience. It all started Thursday early evening last week.
Silas Oak arrived at 2am on Friday morning. His arrival was very calm albeit a little bit longer from spotting the head to actually making his debut! – It took me a while to push him over the last little hill.

The midwives were great and very supportive. They blended into the back ground while Algy was by my side the whole time and played such an important role in the birth, in turn my friend Tara really looked after him and the midwives.

I fear that if we had been in hospital they would have resorted to forceps or something else to suck him out but as were not on a hospital agenda we were allowed to do it in our own time.

He was born on the sofa – not the pool, we needed to move positions to finally get him out but either way I spent a good few hours in the pool and was so happy with the whole experience.

The hynobirthing really helped put us both in a great positive frame of mind for the whole event and we listened to the music and affirmations the whole way…he certainly arrived calmly!

Thank you

Caroline and Algy

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