Think you know what an antenatal class looks like? Think again!

Nestled next to the Hackney Downs is the oasis of calm that is The Well Garden, home to my hypnobirthing groups. Together we’ve created a lounging den in which to get comfy and discuss all aspects of life, pregnancy, birth, mind and body.

Groups are small, informal, chatty and FUN! We drink pukka teas, eat homemade snacks (and the odd chocolate biscuit), fess up to our fears, discover great insight, become confident in decision making and learn how to bring balance and train our brains to be more helpful in all areas of life. There’s also a lot of laughs.

Forget what you think you know of antenatal classes and get involved in shaping your own experience of pregnancy and birth. for dates and availability, I can’t wait to meet you!

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