“Tell them that they really can choose their own experience – no matter what happens around them”

Hi Kat,

Just to let you know that we won’t be able to attend the class tomorrow night as baby had other ideas! He was born at 10pm in Friday June 8th. He’s small at 4.5 pounds but is fighting along really well and came out screeching, so his lungs are in good shape.

I wanted to thank you for welcoming us into your group. I was in a very turbulent place emotionally and in that single class it really helped me to reframe what was happening to us and prepare for a birth that was not the birth I had planned or hoped for. I ended up giving birth on an IV drip, strapped to monitors, laying down with my legs in stirrups and a team of neonatal doctors in the room ready to whisk baby away within seconds of him coming out. All things of my worst nightmares - but I have to say, that something clicked during your class and I understood that despite the situation, it was still very much my birth and I had the right to do it my own way. Despite the madness of the situation, I would actually say that I have a positive birthing story. I allowed myself to go completely internal and to experience the whole thing from a very deeply grounded place. I think I could have been in the middle of a building site for all I knew. I listened to my affirmations during early labour and Alex felt calm and empowered to be a supportive born partner and to let me go to my own place. It was actually pretty magical one way or another.

I’m also pleased to report that when he arrived he was much stronger than the doctors had expected and we were able to have a cuddle and hold him for a while before he was taken for checks.

And in other news - something more concrete we took from your class - a last minute naming redecision having watched Nancy’s birth story.

Introducing Rudy Ray Jackson. Born June 8th and weighing 4.5 pounds.

Thank you Kat! I have a feeling you saved us at just the right moment.

Love to the whole group.


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