I saw off the “advanced maternal age” brigade

Hey Kat

I thought you’d like to know that our sweet baby Maia arrived on 15 May. At home. Four hour labour. Felt fantastic. Right on 42 weeks so I saw off the “advanced maternal age” brigade (actually, this time the consultant at Homerton was great and supportive of waiting).

I had her in the bathroom. I think it was because it was the smallest most enclosed place in the house (it was evening and River was asleep in our room and my cousin was in the other bedroom). Also the brightest room so baby was blinking away in bright lights when I lifted her up. I hollered a lot (the neighbours heard nothing). (Is it still hypno-birthing if you’re hollering? I wanted to ask you. I definitely found the three Rs worked for me and that was one of them.) Karim was valiantly filling the birth pool, which did not get used. My midwife arrived in time for final ‘push’ – less than an hour before baby came.

Thank you so much for your support. It was truly transformational in giving me and us confidence and guiding my preparation for birth. Would love to share more at some point on how it went and what worked. We really appreciate it.

Two or three hours old:

And today (5 weeks old and very strong and grown up):

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