“Overall, I found your hypnobirthing classes a real revelation. I’m a very sceptical person and was originally turned off by the hippyish name, but after several recommendations from friends, decided it wouldn’t hurt to sign up. I was terrified of the prospect of birth – I have only really ever heard it referred to negatively. My mother had a tough birth with me and tv dramas don’t help matters either. Your classes have transformed my attitude – I am now tremendously excited about the whole process. I am not kidding myself into thinking that it will be a painless and totally enjoyable experience, but through a better understanding of it, I see it as a positive event and most importantly, one I believe I can definitely manage. The balance of science and breathing/hypnosis techniques is fantastic. Luke was even more sceptical than me, but came out happy as a bunny after just the first class. There’s a rational logic to it which is vital for someone like me who tends to question everything to the minutest detail.

The breathing techniques are amazing – I’m not sure why no one has taught me these before as a way of dealing with other aspects of life. I find that I am a lot less tense than before and the trick of concentrating on releasing tension in particular parts of the body has been really helpful – I learned I tend to keep tension in my jaw! Although you called it homework during the course, I’m finding practicing the breathing techniques a key part of of my day now.Really importantly, Luke really feels like he has a role in all of it now. He was supportive before, but think he felt a little lost and didn’t really know how to help. We now practice the hypnosis techniques together, he gives the bump massages with your lovely oil and is much more interested in all of it.

Lastly, I’d like to say a big thank you to you – I thought you taught the classes in a really relaxed and interactive way. It did not feel preachy or floaty and lots of content was covered without it feeling like too much. I’m really looking forward to my baby and everything that comes with that, which is largely thanks to you.”
Lana N

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