“He arrived a bit unexpectedly & quickly made his way into our arms.”

Max is here… 5 pound 10 oz, 50 cm. Birthed at 36.2 weeks.

It with pleasure and delight that sam and I announce that our baby arrived on December 6 2011- guess date – never in a million years. He arrived a bit unexpectedly and quickly made his way into our arms. Sam and I still amazed at the whole experience. All the hypnobirthing prep out the window – no labour massage, no BBC , no water birth, as we were considered pre-term, only 3 perineum massages, I didn’t want a hand on me for light touch massage and music was last thing on my mind bar three or four songs as I tried to settle my unrest.
My waters broke in the middle of a parent teacher interview, a parent in my class drove me to the hospital. We (sam and i) arrived at the hospital at 7, sam arrived back at 9:30 (he went to get bag, birth plan, oils etc), at which point I was 5 cm dilated and we went from there to birthing Max out at 11:51pm. The J breathing worked a treat.
I have no idea what we actually did 🙂 I was lucid apparently but time was like nothing i have experienced. so surreal.
He is now here – sam and I are in love and I will bring Max in to the coffee meeting so you can meet him.

We want to thank you, for all your good work and teaching.
Lots of love (bless oxytocin) .

Cindy, Sam and Max

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