Karim and I just wanted to let you know the good news that we had our
son Remy on Tuesday!  The birth went really well – I managed to have
the delivery without pain relief and in the water, which made me really
happy.  It was all very straightforward (apart from maybe the cab ride
to the hospital!) and I’ve no doubt that your excellent hypnobirthing
wisdom contributed massively to that outcome.  Your soothing voice was
on a loop for the 2 hours that I was in the pool, and actually before
they let me in the pool now I think about it!  I was in a daze but I
think Karim might know the relaxation recordings off by heart now!

Remy is lovely – he is super calm and very cute.  We are dead keen on

Thanks so much for your support and advice.  We wouldn’t have had the
same experience without it. Thanks also for the baby moon recordings reminder- it’s quite an adjustment. A lovely adjustment but still an adjustment! What an honour for him to be your 600th baby!

All best,

H & K x

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