Malachy Wise was born on 30th July fit & heathy. We’re in love !!

Overall the birth went really well and was only 9 hours from my first contraction to him coming out and meeting the world! The breathing and focus work worked really well for me ……getting into hospital fully dilated!! I had no time for a pool and there wasn’t much of a transition period.  The pushing bit was pretty intense and I did get my knickers in a twist with the breathing to be honest. However he didn’t take too long to come out and all was good. No problems.

Had some tearing an stitches but recovering really well. I had a placenta smoothie & tablets which have been amazing in helping with everything. No pain relief apart from gas and air for stitches and a natural delivery of my placenta. Overall we are really pleased with how it went.

Many thanks for all your help, advice and support. love H, D& M XXXX

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