Just wanted to let you know little Ayda Isobel Baker arrived on 16 June a very happy healthy little girl at 2.8 kgs. I was induced using prostaglandin (as they suspected she was small for gestational age) and gave birth naturally 12 hours later  with no need for artificial breaking waters or syntocinon – thankfully! 

Didn’t realize I was in labour until they examined me at 1:30am to check my cervix was thinning, only to find I was 8cms dilated! I was rushed to labour ward. I gave birth at 2am after waters broke naturally upon arrival at labour ward (with which came overwhelming need to push!). Gave birth standing, leaning on bed and held her in my arms with cord connected until it stopped pulsing (which was our preference).

Only pain relief I had was tens machine and breathing/ staying active on the ball. Couldn’t even use tea lights/ lavender oil as didn’t realize I was in labour until I was about to push! Was an amazing experience!

Thanks for your classes and all your help!

Simin (and Colin) x

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