Hi Kat,

We’ve been meaning to get in touch since our daughter was born four weeks ago. Her name is Leonie Rosa Grace and she is the most wonderful, delicious little thing.
First of all, we wanted to say thank you for the course and your inspiring and brilliant advice and help. Josie wants to say (but she’s breastfeeding at this very moment), that she ENJOYED the birth and it was a positive and wonderful experience. We had a long, slow labour of about 50 hours but it was joyful and a truly exceptional experience. The first 36 hours we spent at home and it was very easy and special, just the two of us, and Josie felt like she could manage all the surges with the 5-4-3-2-1 thing, lots of affirmations, really intense visualisations about swimming and the colour meditation.
Then we had 14 hours in the birthing centre, in the pool. Everything went like clockwork, the midwife stayed with us until we delivered (past the end of her shift), and she kept saying how textbook it was – every four hours Josie’d be another 2cm dilated, and we felt no rush. I held Josie throughout, did of lots of the soft touch massage you taught me, and the oxytocin thing between surges worked so well. I also applied heavy pressure during every surge on her lower back, which was a huge success apart from one where I had a bad position and nearly broke my wrist (but I hid this from Josie til afterwards so as not to cause extra alarm!). It really felt like for me like I was very involved in our baby’s birth,  and useful during it, which I have you to thank for! Josie says it was a really blissful experience, and also very intense and exciting. Josie also slept for the transition, rather than freaking out, which she was thrilled about.
Josie says during the last part of labour she kept saying the affirmation “I love my baby and I’m bringing her into the world’ and it made the hardest part so much easier.
Leonie was born at 8.12am on Monday 28th May. Josie was brilliant, and required no stitches! Everything had been slow and relaxed, never rushed, never stressful.
Leonie is incredible. We all send you so much, love and thanks. We’d love you to meet the baby if you have time, perhaps we can bring her to Well Garden or the cafe outside one time that suits you.
love from Jonny, Josie and Leonie x

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