Hi Kat
I wanted to let you know about the beautiful birth of our little girl on Friday night (name still tbd!)
It all went better than we could ever have hoped for – and we’re so grateful to you for your huge contribution to our preparation.
I’d been feeling “a bit funny” most of the day on Friday with period-type pains, but nothing too dramatic, just mild discomfort and didn’t think too much about it, then at 5.45pm I had a movie style waters breaking. I called the hospital and they told me to come in for a check, and gave me the chat about induction etc as I said I couldn’t be sure I was having regular contractions, but I was quietly confident at that point that things had kicked off. As it was all feeling very manageable I decided to drive myself to the hospital (!)
Chris arrived 10 mins after me and almost immediately things really sped up. I can barely remember what happened as I got into a really intense and focused zone automatically, with Chris helping me breathe through the surges. When they got me into the birthing room the surges were coming quickly but still felt manageable with the breathing. I was amazed and so happy when they first examined me at about 7.30 and said I was fully dilated! 
I then managed to hobble into the pool between surges which was an AMAZING relief. I had maybe 4 or 5 intense surges in the pool and suddenly there she was – born at 8.24pm! It was so great having the confidence to be patient between those last surges – my body took over the whole process and I didn’t ever really feel I was pushing. So no stitches, just a bit of grazing. 
Baby girl was so calm and alert when she was born – just perfect. We got back home yesterday morning and just getting used to this new reality.
Thanks so much again for all your help – we’re so thrilled with how it all worked out.
All the best 
Izzy, Chris and Baby Morton

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