Hi Kat,

Sorry for not emailing sooner – it’s amazing how little I manage to achieve each day!

Anyway, we’re thrilled to tell you that Nancy Jane Aspinall finally made her appearance on 2 July.  I don’t have the more typical hypno birthing story but I would still say that it was the best money I spent as it kept me calm in the build up to the birth and, more than anything, meant that I was so much better informed (and therefore calm and decisive) than I would otherwise have been.

I did end up being induced as I’d decided not to fight past the 42 week mark. So not exactly to plan but I have to say that my experience was overwhelmingly positive nonetheless. I only needed the pessary (not the gel and syntocinon as well) and from the process starting to Nancy being born was 25 hours; not bad given that nothing really happened at all for the first eight hours or so. Once things were fully underway I did decide to get an epidural. Again, not the usual hypno birthing choice but right for me in the circumstances. The second stage ended up taking two hours and was a hard physical slog but John and the midwives were amazing and got me through it. Usually the Homerton only want the second stage to last an hour before a doctor is called to discuss interventions but I got a bit longer to keep going and as it took 45 minutes for the doctors to arrive when they were called it ended up with Nancy ultimately making her appearance as they all filed into the room – she was clearly waiting for an audience!

So although I don’t have the typical hypno birth story, I have to say that the experience was a positive one, which is ultimately all that I really wanted after so many of my friends felt rather traumatised after their experiences. 

Nancy is gorgeous and is a really calm and happy baby (so far anyway!). So thanks again for all your help and support.

Sarah, John and Nancy x

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