For those first time mamastobe I’m working with who are contemplating the moment their baby bursts forth… I ❤️ this so much.

#Repost @yourtinyhuman Repost from @spiritysol – There was a moment when Koa was crowning when I felt the entire universe move through me. For a few seconds, and all of eternity, I was as vast and expansive as a thousand galaxies. I was more present in my body than I’d ever been, and also light years away, looking down on the creation of the world. I felt myself split into a million pieces in order to make room for a new soul. And then, just as suddenly as that ecstatic, enlightened moment arrived, it was over and I was back to earth, squatting on my bedroom floor and pulling my baby from a far away galaxy, through my legs, and into my arms. I vote that we rename the ring of fire “ring of a thousand ecstatic shooting stars”. ☄💥🌌

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