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Beautiful session today with a new mama 40 days postpartum. Such an auspicious day with imbolc reminding us there’s a glimmer of spring but winter still prevails . We’re called to slumber and nourish but know there’s light and heat returning. Everything changes. This too shall pass.
Candles, ginger tea, nourishing dates and energy balls, a postpartum herbal healing bath bag (courtesy of @yolande_yoga) set the tone for a big ol birth debrief to soak up wisdom and insight gained and process anything needing release. Then a meditation to sink the knowledge deep with the bones and soul. Ancient wisdom + modern thinking. 🔥🙏❤️

#imbolc #brigid #postnatal #postpartum #postpartumjourney #babymoon #firstfortydays #newmums #birth #birthdebrief #hypnobirthing #hypnotherapy #hypnosis #herbs #aromatherapy #motherhood

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