‎I thought I’d share some correspondence between me and one of my clients this weekend – this comes up fairly often so I thought it worth sharing.

Hi Kat,

Hope u r well! A quick question for you…my waters broke at 2:30am last night but no contractions yet. I’m one day past term. keen to try and get things moving along without having to induce. Apparently, I have until midnight. Any suggestions on your end on things that may help move this along?  Acupressure points I’m looking up , walking…. ‎ I’m also going to also try homeopathy options…as I saw someone about it as well.

Welcome any thoughts you have!


here’s my response:

Morning! I’m so pleased you got in touch. First, and most importantly of all…… you do not “have until midnight"

Whilst in the UK common hospital protocol is to say “we’ll give you 24 hours” there is NO clinical evidence to support this guideline (it changed from four days back in 2008 to 24 hours without any research or reason), in fact much supports the benefits of waiting. One of my favourite bloggers, midwife Rachel Reed speaks very eloquently and compellingly on the risk of waiting vs risk of induction here and addresses that "risk of infection” subject well.
Please listen to your instinct and your baby. If you feel baby’s fine ask yourself why you’d rush the process. The only induction option left once membranes have started to release is syntocinon which is a BIG step up and brings it’s own risks. Please feel free to call AIMS for independent advice and get their e-book (you can read on the laptop /iPad) if you’d like more back up information. You can call the midwives (did you plump for a home birth?) and let them know that if surges haven’t started through today you won’t be going in in the middle of the night, you’ll be getting some well needed rest and speak with them tomorrow. you’ve not declining induction, simply saying “no thanks, not right now.”
And then focus on this time you have now, rather than mobilising and thinking there’s something you have to do, this time is for you and Stephen and Spencer before little one arrives. It’s a gorgeous day so take the opportunity to enjoy it knowing that you’ll meet your baby soon enough. This approach is far more oxytocin conducive than stressing that you HAVE to be anywhere or doing anything which is rarely going to help and more likely to leave you feeling knackered and vulnerable. Remember, babies can’t read calendars, they come in their own time and almost always without complication when left alone to be born when they are truly ready. So be patient and enjoy the special extra time that you have with your baby still inside you.
ten minutes later I get this response:
Thanks so much, Kat. Really helpful.  The surges started about an hour ago…about 5-7 mins apart now…so may come on quickly. will definitely‎ keep you posted if anything goes a little haywire. Enjoy the beautiful sunny day. 


and ten hours later:

Thanks again for everything, Kat. Spencer now has a baby sister via water birth‎, arrived almost five hours ago. 2 hrs of intense contractions but all went well and no tearing, woohoo! Steve was amazing…he’s been working on his stories for you. More soon.  x

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