Hi Kat,

I am so happy to let you know that our little baby girl (yet to be named) arrived early Monday morning after a labour smoothed over by some good hypno-breathing. We found your recordings were really useful to start and we moved through to positive affirmations focused on breathing and then good up visualisations.

The HypnoBirthing really helped make things calm and focused as it was a long process of 24 hours of surges every 10mins. And then, within 90minutes, she arrived from nowhere. We almost had her in the taxi but managed to get to the birthing unit where Sarah breathed her out. Sarah was amazing and I am very proud of her and my new baby girl! Baby has big blue eyes, dark hair, and was born at 7lb 6oz.

Ethan is a bit bemused at the arrival of his little sister. The fact she arrived with a new blue guitar for him certainly helped and so far he has managed a little kiss goodbye and a few waves hello to her from afar.

Thank you so much for your help on our journey.

David, Sarah, Ethan, and little sister


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