When a birth story begins with the words “I was induced” it’s hard not to then assume a certain path is going to unfold. This past week I did 3 birth debriefs, amongst which I was told of two births where synthetic oxytocin was used. Each woman then told of how they had stayed present, confident and gone on to birth their babies without further assistance.

“Cascade of intervention” you’ll hear that phrase in antenatal classes when the subject of induction comes up.
It’s most unhelpful.
It has a feeling of inevitable doom, an ever decreasing spiral of options; and whilst that can be true for those who are unprepared and uninformed of the options available to them and how to navigate potential twists and turns of birth calmly; for those who have become skilled at getting grounded, asking questions, trusting themselves, their body, their baby, their partner…. the possibilities remain open.
So let’s not decide how it ends, let’s practice staying present and open to all the possibilities in this moment.

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