Hi kat

We had another wee boy! A hat trick of gorgeous Honan boys! We are complete!

He is called Blake and he arrived early this morning. It was an amazingly swift and calm birth (in the end!). I had a 6 hour pessary early hours of Friday morning, had 2 hours of good surges and then just tightenings. As we were 5 days over my membranes starting to leak we were strongly advised to have my waters broken (as it turned out I was leaking hind waters& my fore waters were in tact) and then if that wasn’t successful to have the drip. After much debate & chatting to Ana at LBP (who was exceptionally helpful) we decided to go for the waters breaking but to wait to have that done after we had had some rest & centred ourselves again (the pessary failing to work had left us a little disheartened).  

So we spent 4/5 hours, sleeping, resting, eating, preparing for the next stage.
At 0020 a lovely, calm midwife came & gently broke my fore waters and I had 1 surge and 1 downward breath & Blake arrived at 0054! He fed immediately and we did delayed cord clamping and natural 3rd stage which was really important to us. 

He is so so adorable, a real mixture of the boys look wise and he is calm & relaxed. He is 7lbs 6ozs so he is an amazing size for his age (36 & 6) – I clearly make beautiful big baby boys!! 

Michael and I are over joyed at how we were able to bring him into the world in a calm and peaceful way. Feels right he had the same start as his big brothers!
The path to Blake’s birth had many twists and turns but we were able to stay positive, calm and excited because of our faith and trust in my body & our baby, something you taught us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your help, support, wisdom and encouragement.



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