Hi Kat,  
Well, we did it… again!!! Out little gal is here. Zelda Stuart arrived at 1:54am on March 24. She took us very much by surprise showing up two weeks ahead of her guess date — Clearly she was ready to meet her family!!!

Labour came on really quickly and only lasted about four hours before she was in my arms.  It was fast but quite intense at times.  William was amazing, calm and cool as a cucumber from the word go and an absolute rock throughout, keeping me centered and calm.  Her birth was very different from Scarlet’s but equally magical. As you promised it all turned out just as should and I have nothing but happiness associated with her arrival.

I’m still amazed when I look at the post birth photos how much more present I was the second time round.  Maybe because it happened so fast I never had time to go into cat under the bed mode

William has taken a new job back east and we are relocating to Boston in a couple weeks. So it’s all very hectic but and exciting start to the next chapter.  Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement! It really set the tone that got us on course to manifest the birth we wanted  🙂
Much love,
Megan & William 


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