“hypnobirthing helped me stay relaxed and in tune with my body for the delivery of my wonderful baby”

Dear Kat,

I hope you are well. Just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know that my baby boy showed up a little earlier than expected, exactly a week ago today – on my first official day “off” from work!

My waters breaking woke me up at 6am, but as I didn’t have any cramping I didn’t rush to the hospital, and instead did a few loads of washing, tidied up and took the dog on a walk. By the time we arrived at Homerton it was about 10am, where they confirmed using a speculum that my waters had indeed broken, but as I wasn’t showing any other signs that I was to go home and come back in 24 hours when they would probably induce me. At this point they offered me a sweep – which I refused – as I said I just wanted to see what would happen if nature ran its course. Things escalated rather quickly from here. After a short journey home, I began having what I can only liken to quite sore period pains, which intensified after an hour of lying on the sofa. Kit suggested he ran me a bath, which was a great help but I noticed the surges were coming rather strongly and also closer and closer together. When I got out of the bath I said to Kit that I was feeling the urge to push, at which point he ran for his phone to order a black cab!

So 3 hours after arriving home from Homerton we were on our way back – I’m sure the poor cab driver didn’t know what to make of the animal grunting and wailing that was going on in the back of his taxi!

By the time I walked through a very busy hospital reception at just after 2pm a nearby doctor must have recognised that I was nearly at the end as he rushed me into the services lift, and had someone fetch a wheelchair from the Delivery Suite. I was shocked to hear I was fully dilated and that the baby was “minutes away”! There were no free rooms at the Birth Centre so they filled the pool up in a Delivery Ward room at my request, although it was only just ready by the time little Errol made his entrance, so I never even got to use it!!! It all happened so quickly and naturally I didn’t think once of any pain relief, and the student midwife who was there said that I was definitely using my breathing techniques to “breathe the baby out,” which also helped to ensure that I didn’t have any tears (well, that and all the perineal massage!)

The first week has been a total joy, he is a very chilled little man, and the other baby in the house (sausage dog Hector) has been brilliant with him.

I just wanted to say thank you, I felt so much more prepared having done your course and while I never had time to use the birth ball, play the music playlist or even get in the pool, I am sure that hypnobirthing helped me stay relaxed and in tune with my body for the delivery of my wonderful baby.

Kindest regards,

Tessa xx

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