Hello all!

I write to share that Sian gave birth to a strapping young boy on 10th February. We have named him Kayode (“Kye-oh-dey”, which means “he brought joy” in the Nigerian tribal language Yoruba).

The birth was a mixture of smooth and very tough at times, but pleased to say the hypnobirthing definitely helped! Especially in the first stage.

Contrary to our expectations, we actually were like a TV soap, with the waters breaking at 2am on a Sunday night being the first signs of labour. When we arrived at hospital the midwife wasn’t even going to give Sian an exam but did so after I pushed and she was astonished to find Sian was already 2cm despite being in no meaningful pain and only experiencing slight “braxton hicks”. We then went home and were able to go to sleep for a few hours before things ramped up from around 1pm Tuesday afternoon. It then became more intense and at times painful for Sian but the slow and steady breathing certainly helped her calm herself and allow the body to take over. She dilated to 9cm very quickly indeed, again to the shock of the hospital. Again, contrary to the “norm”, transition actually took quite a while but eventually Sian gave birth to our literal bundle of joy using only gas and air throughout.

We’re definitely keen for a home birth next time around and Sian was even talking about the second child during the midst of labour – a first for the midwife!

Thank you for all your help Kat and we wish you all luck and smooth, incredible births!

Much love

Deji, Sian and Kayode x

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